About Nexalus

Nexalus is a scientific and engineering company that was established to tackle thermal issues across a range of industries. Co-founded by Dr. Cathal Wilson, COO; Dr. Anthony Robinson, CSO; and Mr. Kenneth O’Mahony, CEO, Nexalus focuses on electronics, which produce excessive heat, and finds a way to make the thermal energy useful, while increasing efficiency and reducing costs. We design and supply components, products and solutions that will integrate/supplant elements of your supply chain – enhancing technical performance and bottom line. Nexalus engages with the thermal energy problems of today through the application of scientific research and engineering knowledge.

We are headquartered in Cork, with R&D locations at Trinity College Dublin, and Nexalus Labs at Mergon International, Westmeath.

Nexalus achieves the deployment of its solutions through engagement with our key partner companies, offering a global level of manufacturing scale, quality and experience. This Nexalus Cluster ensures that there is no challenge too great for us to deliver.



Development Partners



Ian Parry, also known by his alias 8Pack, is one of the world’s most famous hardware and computer designers. With his ‘no compromises’ philosophy Ian is supporting Nexalus to lead the IT industry into liquid cooling, elevating the quality of data center and desktop computing. As a valued Nexalus partner Ian works with the team to bring the pinnacle engineering benefits from Gaming & HPC into mainstream data centres.

Globally renowned and recognised with multiple prestigious overclocking world records, Ian has been featured in such titles as Forbes, Gamers Nexus, Kit Guru & GQ.


Funding & Support Partners

Our product development originates from fundamental research based on basic physics and the scientific method.

The exploration work is initiated in our Trinity College lab facility in Dublin. Nexalus is a certified Trinity Campus Company, and as such has access to the full resources and facilities of Trinity College. Nexalus has licensed IP from Trinity College, and patents in process which are applicable to Data Center, Gaming and Automotive industries.

We would like to acknowledge the funding, advice and support from Science Foundation Ireland, Enterprise Ireland, CONNECT Research Centre and our private funding partners.


Quality Standards

At Nexalus we choose development and manufacturing partners who share our commitment to carbon reduction and the highest quality standards. These standards are certified and maintained on an ongoing basis in line with industry best practice.


SEAI EXEED  /  IATF 16949  /  ISO 9001  /  ISO 13485  ISO 14001