High Performance Computing adopts a lot of the gaming culture, pushing the boundaries in an industrial context with 1U server solutions that give maximum performance to a range of industries including Bitcoin, F1, FX, Movie Graphics, Oil and Gas and numerous others.

For companies that put performance first Nexalus, in conjunction with a world class expert (announcement coming soon), is launching hardware that facilitates more high-end compute power per server and per 1U rack with none of the heat energy/noise problems present in existing solutions.


CHC: Combined Heat and Compute

The Nexalus rack system approach facilitates CHC (Combined Heat and Compute). This means that a Nexalus rack can become part of your company’s circular economy dramatically reducing your CO2 output. The 100% energy captured from your servers can be deployed elsewhere in the form of hot water input into your or any district heating system.

Rack Systems

The Nexalus solution for HPC facilitates the delivery of an integrated rack of servers that can sit seamlessly as part of your office furniture or travel easily without the need for peripheral equipment or infrastructure. The Nexalus rack has a combined heat and compute solution and has effectively eliminated sound from the system. The connections required for successful integration are; Data, Power, Cold Water In and Hot Water Out.