Full Control

On-chip water cooling enables you to optimise the performance of your servers, along with energy use, to match your business needs – with the added bonus of heat recovery…

Heat Recovery

With our precision engineered water cooling solution, over 80% of the heat energy generated can now be recovered – and at instantly usable temperatures.

Extended Lifetime

Our water cooled system increases server uptime, reduces ongoing maintenance & costs, extends hardware lifetime, and enables increased density, output & profit.


Solving thermal problems at source, enables solving energy problems at scale – creating a lego-brick style, globally scaleable and flexible solution to suit your needs.

Local Economy

Using Nexalus’s system the currently wasted heat output can now be captured as heating & hot water for the local economy, reducing the requirement for oil & gas.


High Performance without compromise


At Nexalus, we’ve created a flexible, no-compromise system for high performance computing (HPC).  This system balances ultimate performance, capture and reuse of currently wasted heat and total cost of ownership (TCO).

Our modular system, which fits into a 40 ft. container footprint, gives you control over server configuration, compute density, and deployment location, which results in tuneable performance and energy costs. Using Nexalus’s system the currently wasted heat output can now be captured for resale to the local economy, to reduce your electricity costs, with the added green benefit of offsetting CO2 output by reducing the requirement of oil & gas.

This system boasts the latest Intel CPU chips and Nvidia graphics cards with increased uptime and extended lifecycle vs a typical HPC server configuration, all within a 1U. This is the first of its kind.

A phase change heat storage material can also be combined with our system, to store excess heat output for up to 4 hours so that it can be used at the times when it is needed most.

With Nexalus, higher-performing, more reliable, more profitable, and planet-friendly High Performance Computing is now possible.