Our approach to Gaming


Nexalus, in collaboration with ‘8pack’ Ian Parry, have developed several high-performance gaming products based on more than two years of intensive research, design, experimentation, testing, and adaptive co-design. Our approach is based on fundamental scientific research and ground-up development. This led us to the implementation of impinging microjet technology across our product line, which enables very high heat transfer coefficients and targeted cooling at the hottest parts of the component.  

For each product, a thorough investigation of a range of jet configurations including nozzle diameter, nozzle to target spacing and nozzle length was carried out using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) optimisation procedures aided by experimental tests. The highest performing configuration, bespoke to each component being cooled, was then chosen for production.  

HYDRONEX is a premium thermal interface material (TIM) engineered to transfer thermal energy from processors and graphics cards. HYDRONEX has superior wetting properties and a thin bond line thickness at low assembly pressures, achieving a thermal impedance of 0.09 °C.cm2/W at 140 kPa.

As a result, chip temperatures are reduced as compared with other leading thermal paste providers. 

Our research and development also address the installation of a CPU cooling block effectively and repeatably. Nexalus Torque Screws allow a “tool-less” install of our waterblocks with consistent and even pressure applied to the CPU, ensuring optimal TIM performance. This mitigates excessive chip temperatures resulting from incorrect installation of the waterblock.

We understand that gamers want not only uncompromising performance but also visually appealing products to integrate into their gaming system. Our waterblocks come in a range of colours and styles, including clear, with customisable RGB lighting to provide a wide menu of aesthetic options for gaming computer design. 

These products will be launching soon.