A New Approach

Nexalus have created a number of patents and solutions that capture virtually all of the thermal energy in a 1U server configuration, while reducing Capex and Opex, enhancing CPU processing speeds and increasing compute density. We enable data centers to be the New Green Energy Source, as the thermal energy captured is also available in a liquid stream facilitating a fully circular economy.

Step 1

First, we reconceived liquid cooling of high-powered server processors. With the server as the design foundation, our patented 1U dual-plenum, water-cooled heat exchanger emerged – engineered to focus high-impact-velocity-microjets exactly where needed. Microjet cooling is so intense, low volume flow and pressure loads are required.

Step 2

Next, we designed a new concept for air-cooling of the supporting low-powered electronics. With the consistent engineering goal of solving problems where they happen, we embedded air to water heat exchangers – engineered to circulate cooled air to, and recover heat from these components – all within the 1U server form.

Step 3

Finally, servers can now be stacked to maximum capacity within the rack, with all of the heat recovered in our bespoke cooling system. The stand-alone sealed modular racks are plug-and-play, into an immensely simplified data center cooling and heat recovery infrastructure. This changes everything.



ENFLUX is a highly engineered CPU water block that employs dual plenum microjet impingement technology. This water block was designed explicitly for the...
VORTEX is a high-performance GPU water block for use with a range of RTX Quatro and GeForce cards. Improved thermal performance was the...
Our forced-air HEAT EXCHANGER was developed in 2020 in collaboration with Dana Incorporated. This air-to-water heat exchanger is suitable for use in 1U server...
Our patented 1U SEALED SERVER package is a fully sealed bespoke cooling system which allows all of the heat dissipated from the server...
HYDRONEX is a premium thermal interface material (TIM) engineered to transfer thermal energy from processors and graphics cards. Hydronex has superior wetting properties...
Nexalus TORQUE SCREWS allow a “tool-less” install of our water blocks with consistent and even force applied to the CPU, ensuring optimal TIM...

In order to close the circular economy, the currently wasted thermal energy needs to be redeployed. This cannot be achieved using air due to the poor thermal physical properties of this fluid; water cooling is the most obvious and technically viable solution to this problem which will allow data centers to bridge the gap to becoming a truly circular economy.  


Water has superior thermal properties enabling up to twice the thermal design power of a CPU and the transport of ×4,000 the thermal energy per unit volume as compared with air. Adopting water cooling facilities increased compute density, removes geographical constraints and increases profits.  


Using water to improve server cooling and computer performance, the waste heat energy generated can also be transformed into a continuous revenue stream and allow your data center to contribute to the circular economy.  At Nexalus, we have engineered solutions which can remove the need to choose between the performance, profit or effect of your data center on the planet. 


Although PUE of data centers has been reducing over the past decade, the global average is circa 1.6, meaning data centers use 60% more electrical energy than is required for computing alone. As it stands, the global average for the energy reuse factor (ERF) is practically zero. This implies that a negligible amount of data center energy is being reused.