Why Nexalus?

Nexalus ensures that electronics heat output is no longer a performance limiting factor by offering the highest performing solutions for thermal energy removal on the market.

Our solutions can enhance CPU performance in all areas of application.

Further, in the high global energy usage area of data centres, our solutions and product range can radically influence the space efficiency and capex requirement while materially impacting energy usage and spend and C02 output.



    Providing an opportunity for dramatically enhanced performance.



    CPU Usage – The ability to facilitate up to 20% more CPU processing power through an improved removal of heat energy.



    Materially reducing your power usage efficiency (PUE), positively impacting cost and CO2 emissions.

Stunning Results

Just look to the statistics to see what’s possible



In an average Data Centre, Nexalus can halve the energy usage and C02 output leaving a 50Deg water liquid stream for use in a circular economy such as district heating.



Nexalus can provide a solution that up to 100% eliminates the need for air handling systems significantly reducing associated building capex and opex costs.



Nexalus, through the application of its technology, can facilitate as much as a 50% increase in server density per m3 and reduce the volume/height of the building by as much as 66% through the removal of the plenum often necessary for air cooling.


Nexalus engages with the market in a number of ways. We carry out research and development and seek to hold patents for solutions for various industries.

In the Gaming Industry Nexalus supply the manufactured components based on our design patents and  provide market guidance from “THE BEST IN THE BUSINESS” (Announcement coming soon).  We have a line of water blocks and supporting products for gaming that are best in class.

In the High Performance Computing Industry, the Nexalus product range facilitates the design and build of HPC systems in a liquid cooled 1U form factor with none of the heat energy or noise problems. The manufactured components are based on our patents and world class expert input.

In the Data Centre Industry we combine our components, products and systems to deliver a revolutionary energy efficient data centre solution. Nexalus Cooling the Cloud captures data centre construct design, product integration and waste energy management.