The Future of Data Centers

Imagine a future where Data Centers are not only sustainable, but a source of green energy. Now…imagine no further because with Nexalus, this is a reality.

Nexalus was established with a single vision in mind – revolutionising the Data Center industry. Tackling the negatives and tapping into their potential to make their positives. Today we are extremely excited and proud to launch the solution that this industry has been screaming for.


What does this mean for Data Centers:

  • Power Usage Effectiveness – PUE of 1.116
  • 20% total energy savings
  • Water Usage Effectiveness – WUE of 0
  • 33% space reduction for the same IT load and so much more


Watch this short video to learn more – The Future of Data Centers

As electronics cooling specialists, in order to bring to market a complete 360 solution for the Data Center industry, which included everything from chip to server, rack, building infrastructure, recovery and reuse capabilities, we had to partner with other leading experts.

Currently ranked in the top 5 main building contractors in Ireland, we were thrilled to partner with Collen on this project. Collen is an 8th generation, family-owned business founded in 1810 with a strong reputation for building quality and excellence. Alongside Collen we had Munters – global leaders in energy-efficient air treatment and climate solutions. Vital also to this project was Irish engineering consultants specialising in Data Centers – Ampromech, along with structural engineers and modeling experts from K-Labs, who were founded with the purpose of challenging the structural engineering norms in the Scandinavian construction industry.

Together with this elite group of companies, we are honoured to represent Ireland’s best as we bring this global solution to market.

Special thanks to Collen, Munters, Ampromech and K-Labs, and our own Nexalus researchers and engineers, without whom this would not have been possible.