The Power of Collaboration


At Nexalus we choose development and manufacturing partners across industries such as Data Centers, Automotive, Crypto Currency Mining, Gaming and Power Generation, who share our commitment to both carbon reduction, and to engineering and manufacturing the highest quality standards. 

We also have access to private funding and strong ties with Science Foundation Ireland, Enterprise Ireland, Trinity College Dublin,  and both the CONNECT and AMBER research centres.



Nexalus is currently working on a range of cooling projects and collaborations: 
  • Containerised bitcoin mining solution with a total power draw of 1.5 MW for deployment within wind farms of Northern Europe.  
  • Containerised HPC data centres to allow the reuse of waste heat for domestic and industrial applications. 
  • Custom water-cooled server racks for data centres. 
  • Bespoke cooling solutions that realise the redeployment of waste heat from traditional data centre setups. 

We are open to developing custom solutions for new customers, so feel free to contact us for more information.